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  1. sovereign sovereign

    # refrigerate after opening .

    about 18 hours ago from web

  2. lelouch lelouch

    # Hopefully you've got shock paddles.

    about a day ago from web

  3. Princess Luna luna

    @tenebarius # It's been stagnant for mooonths

    about a day ago from web in context

  4. Just... Tenebarius tenebarius

    # So, I know things have been rather stagnant recently. However, I've been working with an IRL friend of mine on how we can move forward with the site revamp.

    about 2 days ago from web in context

  5. sovereign sovereign

    The propensity of this town was no different from the last. He could not belittle the patterns, he found them interesting. However, the tediousness tripped with his patience and it was time to leave. The next town; bland, the city; under spectacular, the county; ....boring. Nothing seemed to be perfect and it was something he was learning to awe. Out of all the places, it would be the, title he did not care for, town that he encountered next which would receive the golden medal of... "It looks the same. It all looks the same." He spoke to himself and it showed in his face, but it soon withered to a standard stare into nothing. At the very least, there was a pleasant scent in his proximity.

    about 3 days ago from web

  6. lelouch lelouch

    @eveline # Eve-Lynn. Got it.

    about 6 days ago from web in context

  7. Lightning Crash lightningcrash

    @eveline # Eeee-vaaaa

    about 7 days ago from web in context

  8. Eveline eveline

    # just a random announcement since it bothers the piss out of me if people are quietly pronouncing it wrong: eveline's name is pronounced ehv-uh-leen

    about 8 days ago from web in context

  9. no thanks sorry archangel

    @gideon As Gideon became distracted by Eveline, Archangel took the opertunity to snatch up one of the scrolls dangling off the side of his cart. Hopefully he would remain out of view as he leaned up against the back of Gideon's cart and began to examine the scroll, Such a strange little piece of paper it was. He wondered to himself why such a thing would be so important. Still this didn't stop him from putting it back where he found it only to grab another scroll and examine it thoroughly

    about 10 days ago from web in context

  10. Gideon Gabriel Gray gideon

    @eveline Reaching into a pocket on his jacket, the shopkeeper passes the pony a elastic hair tie. "Here, I keep spares since I rarely have to use em." he said before opening the door to his cart and wandering inside. "Well let's see what we can find for you! What sort of things capture your interest miss?"

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  11. Eveline eveline

    @gideon "Ah - well - something...interesting." She shrugs a little and begins magically braiding her mane. But she doesn't have a hair tie. Shoot.

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  12. Gideon Gabriel Gray gideon

    @eveline The dog chuckled softly. "Ahh. Well feel free to browse how you like! Maybe I can help you, looking for anything in particular?"

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  13. Eveline eveline

    @gideon "Eep!" She almost drops a mug, fumbles, and catches it, stepping on her hair in the process. "Ow." The unicorn replaces the mug in its precarious position and turns to him. "I, um, I was just looking."

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  14. Gideon Gabriel Gray gideon

    @eveline Gideon's ears pricked up as he saw a mare wander up to his cart. 'Finally' he thought. "Well hello there miss, now how can I help you today?" he asked with a grin.

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  15. Eveline eveline

    @gideon Eve looks up across the marketplace and spots something odd. A diamond dog! Those are unusual in these parts; honestly, she isn't sure if she's ever seen one in person before. She trots over to his cart and begins quietly nosing through the items.

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  16. Gideon Gabriel Gray gideon

    @eveline Leaning against his cart, a lone diamond dog breathed heavily onto his hands. Cold. He hated the cold. HATED it. So few customers came out when it was this cold. In fact no one had stopped by for the past two days. Even with his new stock of artefacts and knicknacks. He even came across a few REAL scrolls, not just reproductions!

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  17. Eveline eveline

    Eveline walks through the snowy Ponyville square, her snout wrinkled against the cold as she looks over all the goods for sale. Nothing seems to be catching her eye, but that could be because nothing usually does. She leans close to an old book and illuminates her horn to look at the cover. It's some kind of faded cloth and the words of the title are gone. She hmms and steps away. Where is all the interesting stuff?

    about 11 days ago from web in context

  18. Anna Marie Bogactwo annabogactwo

    What? c;

    about 14 days ago from web

  19. lelouch lelouch

    # Loser says what?

    about 15 days ago from web

  20. Anna Marie Bogactwo annabogactwo

    *Sits down, quietly waiting*

    about a month ago from web

  21. Anna Marie Bogactwo annabogactwo

    Why hello there... I don't know what to say. Add on?

    about a month ago from web

  22. Cloud Shaker cloudshaker

    @cloudshaker # ello gaiz. I'm back from 4 month slumber, finally. I hope SOME people still check this site too.

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  23. Cloud Shaker cloudshaker

    @cloudshaker #

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  24. Anie goldenheart


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  25. lelouch lelouch


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  26. lelouch lelouch


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  27. Princess Luna luna

    @lelouch # *banishes from equestria*

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  28. lelouch lelouch

    @luna # dont make the moon too big with that ice cream

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  29. Princess Luna luna

    Yesterday was Luna's birthday. There has been a depressing lack of birthday wishes, probably due to the Winter Moon Celebration, and ponies forgetting, but STILL. Our beautiful, dignified princess is stuffing her face on her throne with ice cream.

    about a month ago from web in context

  30. Soarin' soarin

    checked the lines for a few games and there was an opening at one of the more expensive, more new games. Why did the games have to be so expensive? "I guess it's to make money, but, at the same time, disable gamers from anchoring and hogging the game. Unless, you save all of your coins for one game!" He hop into the curtained stall and escaped for awhile; just awhile.

    about a month ago from web


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    # # Just a friendly reminder that there's a 48 hour moratorium on spoilers from new episodes

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    # # Until further notice, please refrain from using Google as a homepage. Yes, I'm serious.

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