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  1. Princess Celestia princesscelestia

    Celestia sat in in the private royal baths, enjoying a nice soak in the almost comically large pool, considering it was meant for, at most, a family of four ponies at any one time. Right now she was alone, reading the latest Daring Do novel hovering just above the floor, at what was currently eye leve for her.

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  2. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom Silver returns to his spread out maps. "Ya, I'll be out in hess than an hour. Thanks though, for deciding to come along. I haven't had a partnet for my travels, well ever."

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  3. Diamond Tiara diamondtiara

    # I'm too lazy to add cutie marks and I forgot Twinkle Toes' wings...

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  4. Prince Blueblood blueblood

    Blue blood was back in his study, back at the drawing board, again. This was to be the ninth draft since starting to build support for his building and it didn't look to be the last. His current challenge was making dormitory space for all three races. Or rather, finding a way to allow the three-layer design he'd already made to incorporate private living spaces in addition to public education and recreative areas. He still didn't quite understand why Pegasi couldn't have rooms on the cloud layer, no matter how many red-faced councilors yelled at him.

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  5. Targoth Stonehide targoth

    @salvia Targoth looks puzzled for a moment, a frown crossing his face before it clicks. He chuckles, shaking his head. "Ah, no, no, my apologies. It's a silly thing, a mere family matter. Nothing to have you bother with, and nothing that will be of any issue in the near future. At least, hopefully." He scoffs. "Just an aging dragon having thoughts out loud."

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  6. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "A few days at least. I'll need to make quite a few notes for Robert. And get everything together. Yeah. A few days. Now get out off royal property."

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  7. Salvia salvia

    @targoth Salvia shuffles in place, picking up on the lonigng. "I could recite it for you or translate it on paper if you wanted."

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  8. Salvia salvia

    # if you have an .edu email you can get free prime for 6 months.

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  9. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "Gotcha. When would you be prepared for this trip? I have about three days left before I can go."

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  10. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "She has raised a child. Robert hasn't. She'd be a great deal of help," Nightbloom snaps in irritation.

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  11. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "Your mother? Ok." Looks like he's not going to press it.

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  12. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing She shrugs. "I don't know. Some hay, I suppose? Just whatever normal ponies eat. I'm not picky. However, I still need to talk to Robert about this. And probably my mother." She shuffles her wings, pushing down a flutter of guilt about leaving her fillies.

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  13. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "No reason... Is there anything specific you want me to get for the trip?"

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  14. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

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  15. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "Very well, I will make preperations for two. Make me a list of supplies you will need, food you will want, that kind of stuff." He shoots a look at her wings, unsure if night ponies eat meat. Wow, he really is stupid.

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  16. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "I don't appreciate being treated as just a baby caretaker. I am a guard. And if you are set on going to the Northern Mountains, I will go with you. If just to keep you from getting kidnapped or something."

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  17. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom He puts his claws up defensively. "Sorry, excuse me for not knowing the finer points of pony anatomy."

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  18. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing She stares at him. "They're six months old, and he's perfectly capable of making bottles. My life is not determined by my children, as much as I love them."

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  19. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "Don't mammals need to be cared for by their mother for a while or something?"

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  20. Dream Catcher dreamcatcher

    @lightningflitter # I was not aware my presence was missed, even if it one.

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  21. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing She looks somewhat offended. "What, their father can't care for them?"

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  22. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom He shoots a puzzled look at her. "Don't you have two newborns? I mean, can you leave them already?"

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  23. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "Well...I suppose I could come with you," she muses. "It has been quite a while since I've been there."

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  24. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "I have a bit of malice, but that's as far as it goes for my homeland. What do you propose I do then, I paid a fair amount for this map in order to do this." He ruffles his brow, he did invest a good half of his collection for the map.

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  25. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "Bias? Those night ponies are my family. I lived there as a child. If I must spell it out, I /am/ a night pony. So yes, I do have some bias, just as I'm sure you have bias toward your home land as well."

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  26. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom Silverwing sighs. "And how are you such an expert on this, Commander? You never looked the type to vacation in the mountains." Maybe because of the bat wings, you dolt. "I'm sensing some bias."

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  27. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "They populate that whole mountain range. Am entire village could be living where that horde was for all you know. You are not going to go there." She pokes him in the chest with a shod hoof. Nightbloom seems to be quite defensive about her home...mountains.

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  28. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "I won't be going anywhere near them, if I have my way. Like I said, I don't steal from those who will miss what's taken." He seems to be slightly annoyed now.

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  29. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "That isn't the point," she snaps, frustrated. "They prefer to be left alone."

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  30. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "I never intended on tearing up anything. Should the hoard still be intact, I'd take what I could carry and then leave. Small footprints are harder to notice." He notices the irritation. "I don't intend on emptying their coffers, you know."

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