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  1. Cloud Shaker cloudshaker

    # Ok, that's fine!

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  2. Fijay Clear fijay

    @diamondtiara # Yeah, I check up and stuff. I might actually *gasp* Do something?! I might.

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  3. Fijay Clear fijay

    @djpon3 # did I leave you hangin!?

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  4. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert He nodded understandingly, Fialver had to do what was best for him and his own, Arch would be able to get along just fine without him. Besides he had seen a barn on his way into town that looked pretty warm. He would see if he could sneak in there for the night. With a wink, Arch turned around and headed back towards Sweet Apple Acres to see what kind of sleeping arrangement he could make for the night

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  5. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "Look, maybe we can talk tomorrow or something. You understand. Also, talk is a poor choice of words, but whatever." He ruffles his right sleeve, clearing it of debris. He only felt a little bad, but he had taken in enough strangers over the years to be sort of apathetic about the whole affair for now. Plus, no need to get yelled at by the woman. Man, could she yell.

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  6. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch lowered his ears in disapointement, His little heart was crushed at the prospect of not being able to meet a new little one to play with, But he also understood where Fialvert was coming from, It was gettting kinda late and he was still a stranger. With a somewhat defeated sigh, He went back over to his backpack and slung it over his left shoulder before nodding to Fialvert

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  7. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel He had to think about this. What was it Twilight had said 'No more strange guests!' Or was it 'No more guests!'. It wasn't just 'No more', rather the opposite. "It's kinda late. And we're out of space..And she's, you know, asleep. I dunno if I can work this in right now, friendo." Plus what had happened the last time he invited some stranger to meet his daughter? He distinctly remembered having a premonition of her having extensive surgery and being a cyborg, and that creep was booted outside. Sure, he might just be paranoid, but you never know.

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  8. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert He clapped his hooves together rather happily at this new reveal. Arch was always nervous around new ponies, But never around little fillies and colts. He had met a few mean fillies and colts his day. But such things were very rare and as far as he was concerned, This stallion was nice. So his daughter probably was too. Before Fialvert had time to finish talking about her Arch was jumping up and down next to him. Waving his hooves frantically in the direction that he had originally come from. He really wanted to meet this filly and maybe the rest of his family. Hopefully they were all just as nice

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  9. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "What, Cassie? About yea tall, cute as a button, about as smart as her mother, which means she's smarter than me. Multitalented, Multiple talents is meant for earth ponies, not unicorns. But that's just what I think, I guess. Salt-and-pepper mane, like me, but more of a ruddy lavender for a pelt. I'm not good at colors, don't quote me on that."

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  10. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch quickly bet down to pick the apple up with his teeth, He then raised his head to get another look at his new friend. His eyes lit up at the mention of a little one. He quickly shook his hooves around wildly, wanting to know more about Fialverts foal.

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  11. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "Here." The apple bounces one, twice, three times, before properly rolling to his compatriot's hooves. It was a sturdy piece of fruit, with minimal dents. But it doesn't quite matter. It's not like he could just hand it over. "Sorry I don't have anything else. I don't normally snatch my daughter's cooking before I head out, but it would've done the trick." Technically he could have more, but that was another matter.

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  12. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch's eyes quickly focused on the apple as it was pulled out, He was very hungry. Not that he was starving or anything. But the loud echoing sound coming from his stomach would only promote what was seen through his slightly en dented stomach, He nodded when he was asked weather or not he was hungry

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  13. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "Oy, now with the pictograms. We don't follow Judeo-Christian mythology or conventions here, but sure, I'll pretend I get it, Archangel." He slips an apple out of his jacket pocket (though it didn't appear to be there a few seconds ago), tossing it back and forth between his hooves. "Now, seriously, you look starved. I'm going to ignore your inability to properly communicate and just assume that's how it'll be. You hungry or not?"

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  14. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch was 20, He would be 20 for a few more months! as Fialvert asked his name. The bulky stallion dug through a small backpack that was laying next to the trash can, After a few moments of searching he pulled out a painting of a heavenly pony with a sword made of fire in his teeth, He pointed to the painting and then to himself, He did this a few times to drive home his statment that Fialvert would hopefully get, If not he was kinda sunk...He then looked to his somewhat messy mane/tail, It was true he did need a bath and a shave. But a long time spent traveling will do that to ya! He leaned down to smell his hoof pit only to gag and nearly blow chunks back into the trashcan he was digging around in for nicknacks or other thrown away goods that he could enjoy. Instead he nodded to Fialvert before nervously bopping his hoves together

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  15. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "What's your name, mister? If ya got one." He lowers his proffered hoof, rolling his head to get some pops and snaps out of his neck. "You look to be in a bad state, son." He was judging him to be at least younger than himself, though it was hard to tell with folks sometimes. He was nearly forty himself, but not many would be able to guess that. Well, unless they were making jokes again. Ugh. But those thoughts were for another time. "You're under no obligation to answer anything I ask ya, ya understand."

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  16. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch was very hesitant to trust this stranger. Such things had gotten him in quite a bit of trouble in the past. But....worst case scenario he could just run right? With slow and reluctent movements, He gently peaked his head over the top of the trash can to get a better look at the stranger, At first glance he didn't look that much better off then himself....kinda scrawny and a bit of a messy mane. Arch bit his lip before attempting to show the stranger he acknowledged his gesture by waving his left hoof in a circular motion

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  17. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel "It ain't like I'm gonna hurt ya or drag ya off to some cozy jail cell, though that's better than eating garbage, I suppos'." He peered around one side, trying to catch the lad's eye, beckoning with a free hoof. Of course, the one he used only showed off the midnight black gauntlet he had wedged on, but alas. "C'mon." Fial's snout wiggled with some sense of irritation, but he made no sudden movements from where he was.

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  18. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert Arch's ears twitched (tho he wouldn't be able to see it) as he was adressed by the hobo pony. With a quick jolt he raised his head up above the trash and turned to look at who was adressing him. His eyes quickly went wide as he spotted the stallion and before saying anything he quickly jumped behind the trash and hid as best he could. Both his head and his flank however were quite viable from either side of said trashcan

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  19. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    @archangel Mm. This seemed familiar. He stamped three times, each sending up a puff of dust. "Hail, traveler. You know, generally we eat in our homes here. The garbage is for that cute little orphan who lives under Old Whiskers' residence. Or was it former residence? Don't matter now I guess." He'd seen plenty his fair share of weird things, especially given his choice of friends. From what he could see, though, he couldn't place the species (hybrid or otherwise). "Preeeeetty sure any inn around here would've given you one night of free room and board."

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  20. no thanks sorry archangel

    @fialvert As Fialvert walked around, (and also clanked around) He may have noticed the rather strange looking stallion with his head in a garbage can. His body was big as were his wings, A coat dark Gray spread all the way across his body, Almost black in color, His fur was matted and a little dirty, His wings were unlike most pegasi's They were not soft and round but jaged and pointy with no visible feathers to speak of. It would be hard to get a good look at his head, Seeing as how it was inside a garbage can. But aside from that he looked totally normal

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  21. Brian Fialvert fialvert

    The world's scruffiest hobo had at long last decided to venture from his non-Euclidean fortress he called a 'home' and had planted firm hooves on the dusty streets of Ponyville. Was a bit chilly, but that's what the jacket was for (his not removing it nearly all the time besides). "Mm. Alright. So, time to see if there's any newcomers to talk ears off of. Remember, Fial, you can do this. Just be normal." This brought a most becoming snort from his snout, and he pressed on, nodding to familiar faces and scowling at others, as per the usual. The black hunk of metal locked around his left foreleg tinked every time he took a step, but it was covered up by the rustle of his jacket.

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  22. Diamond Tiara diamondtiara

    @fijay # Oh my god you live-

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  23. Princess Pinklestia pinklestia

    Let's fly to the castle!

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  24. Vinyl Scratch djpon3

    @fijay # Don't be hatin' @cloudshaker # Sure. You start, though.

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  25. Fijay Clear fijay

    # Whoa, fav's ahoy

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  26. Cloud Shaker cloudshaker

    @djpon3 # Wanna rp sometime? Sorry if I messaged you at the wrong time.

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  27. Dream Catcher dreamcatcher

    @cloudshaker # one day

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  28. Frost Flow frostflow

    @lelouch Frost takes one glance at the magazine before his snout crinkles, looking like he smelled something foul. "Er... N-not really interested in gossip, let alone 20 years old... Anything, er, besides gossip?"

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  29. Frost Flow frostflow

    @cloudshaker # Hey, I'm currently in an RP, but just wanted to let you know that a couple of the people here are in college, including myself, and sometimes are a bit busy! Sorry if it's a little slow here at times!

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  30. Cloud Shaker cloudshaker

    # Heya, guys~! Anyone wanna rp? I'm, like...SUPER bored.

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