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  1. Cael Ironblood cael

    Cael sighs and sinks down into a seat at the bar, and orders a whiskey on the rocks. The long day ended up being fruitful with him realizing how much he missed his hometown. He takes one sip of the drink and coughs, forgetting how strong the drink was. He shook his head and continued on, thinking abut all the things he needed to do to get settled back in.

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  2. Salvia salvia

    @targoth "Yes of course, a curse would be... quite qwful." Two older tomes gravitate to Salvia's face and flip to pages seemingly at random. Quite the fast reader Salvia is. The tomes aren't in a modern language, but one is full of illustrations of plants and symbols.

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  3. Trace Beltone trace

    @shadowsshy # Welcome to the site!

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  4. Shadow shadowsshy


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  5. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom "What, this tower too? Anyway, is it a boy and a girl? Two girls? I don't want to accidentally get the wrong thing!" Stop changing the subject fool. "It's a shame though, this latest trip I've been planning might interest you. Moving adds a few days of planning." It's a bunch of maps and a few odd tools, nothing seems very special.

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  6. Trace Beltone trace

    The not-so-little-anymore servant pony sat in the local library, poring over a history book before looking up at the time. He returned the book to the shelf and nodded to the librarian, thanking him for letting him stay for so long before heading out to the castle for his daily duties.

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  7. Trace Beltone trace

    @trace # *make that only one I couldn't remember

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  8. Trace Beltone trace

    # Wow, just decided to see all the old passwords I could remember. There is only one o.o

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  9. Drixis Trailblazer drixis

    Drixis sits at his counter in the dress shop and continues reading his novel. Business is never good in the summer, everyone's all out on vacation with their families. Drixis had thought of going to visit his, but he still had to make some money somehow, so here he stayed.

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  10. Cael Ironblood cael

    @nightbloom # To be honest, no, not really.

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  11. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "Two foals. And no, I've gotten plenty of gifts. Too many." She grimaces and thinks about the pile of stuffed toys in the twins' room. "Again. Breaking the law."

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  12. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @cael # is that really a bad thing

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  13. Cael Ironblood cael

    @targoth # Why thank ye good sir! It feels kinda nice to be back, but all my old RP partners are gone o.o

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  14. Targoth Stonehide targoth

    @cael # You're not lame dood, and welcome back!

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  15. Cael Ironblood cael

    Cael finds himself back at wandering in the streets after an extended, unintentional vacation. He looks around at everything, so much more quiet than it used to be and decides to take advantage of the silence to go for a nice little walk around the park track. # GUESS WHO'S BACK? THIS LAME GUY!

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  16. Targoth Stonehide targoth

    @salvia The look of amusement is clear on his face, like watching a child look into a candy shop window. "Of course. I didn't collect them simply for them to gather dust." After a moment, he adds, "Though my size does somewhat inhibit my ability to read them anymore. Just avoid the ones with a cross of chalk on the cover. Unless you enjoy the idea of being cursed or having a magical trap sprung in you, of course." The dragon mutters darkly about finding things out the hard way.

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  17. Salvia salvia

    @targoth Salvia quickly trots close to one of the piles and stares with great interest. Of course it's a pile of old tomes, many lined with gold or silver. Even more are written in older or dead languages. "May I look though some of these tomes?" The excitment in her voice is clear. She's already reading the spines of the ones facing her.

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  18. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom Silver's eyes grow wide in surprise. "You had a foal? Congratulations! Are things typically given for that? Should I have gotten you a gift? Sorry, I had no idea!" Still genuine, though avoiding the topic of his law breaking may be intentional.

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  19. Targoth Stonehide targoth

    @salvia He smokes broadly, a chuckle echoing off the walls. "I won't lie, I've always enjoyed that reaction. I usually take it as a compliment." With a slight bow, he extends his wing outwards. As if to gesture 'go ahead.' "Feel free to look through it, now." With a slightly more serious tone, Targoth adds, "Just remember. Ask first."

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  20. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "I've been on maternity leave. Had quite a few vacation days. And I get back to see you." She glowers. "You do realize you're breaking the law."

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  21. silverwing silverwing

    @nightbloom He takes another moment to address the map before turning to his new guest. "Howdy Nightbloom, I haven't seen you in a while. I feared you were ill." His grin is sincere and kind. Disgusting.

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  22. Nightbloom nightbloom

    @silverwing "Ahem." Standing behind him is the leader of the Lunar Guard, looking as fierce and sour as usual. Perhaps a little more tired than usual, but that comes with having twin foals.

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  23. Salvia salvia

    @targoth Salvia stops in her tracks, staring at the hoard before her. It dwarfs even the largest treasure lord the Brass Banner ever amassed, even during it's prime. "Q-Quite the collection. I knew these were large, but... this is larger than I imagined."

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  24. silverwing silverwing

    Silverwing seems to be unable to get enough of trespassing on royal property. As opposed to last time, tonight the occasion is marked by a medium sized assortment of maps lined up around the griffon with various notes scribbled on them. He's engrossed in one in particular, a very old one by the looks of it.

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  25. Princess Luna luna

    @salvia # ok

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  26. Salvia salvia

    @luna # Nightbloom works, ill OP?

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  27. Princess Luna luna

    @salvia # I HAVE SOME MALES. Nightbloom? Sunset? Eri?

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  28. Salvia salvia

    @luna # Someone in Canterlot, i cant even remember half of your girls tbh

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  29. Princess Luna luna

    @salvia # "one of my OCs"is so vague who do you want

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  30. Salvia salvia

    @luna # think it would be a shorter roundup if you picked from mine, but uh luna or one of your ocs i guess.

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